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Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association: About Us

The Canadian Health Care Anti-fraud Association was founded in 2000 to give a voice to the public and private sector health care organizations interested in preventing fraud in the Canadian health care environment.


Membership is open to organizations and individuals responsible for the detection, prevention, investigation and prosecution of health care fraud.


Our Vision


To protect the Canadian Health Care environment by eliminating health care fraud, waste and abuse.


Our Mission


To combat health care fraud, waste and abuse; protecting and strengthening the integrity of the Canadian health care system. Accordingly, our objectives are to:


Educate and create awareness about issues and efforts to fight health care fraud, waste and abuse among the Canadian public, health care consumers, providers, suppliers, and members of the CHCAA.


Build public, private, national, and international partnerships with anti-fraud associations, law enforcement, health regulatory bodies, consumer groups, and provider associations to protect the Canadian health care system from fraud, waste and abuse.

Provide a forum for knowledge and information sharing to combat fraud, waste and abuse in the Canadian health care system.


Respond to changes in the health care system resulting from various factors such as changing demographics, changes in treatment methodologies and technologies, and changes in public policy and funding, as well as changes in information technologies.

Source: http://www.chcaa.org/about