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Human Capital Alliance Inc. Thailand, Singapore: The Winning Edge

Human Capital Alliance recently published “The Winning Edge-Two Decades of Asian Business Leadership”.


This year, we are celebrating our tenth anniversary at Human Capital Alliance. We are pleased to publish “The Winning Edge-Two Decades of Asian Business Leadership” as a tribute to our stakeholders, especially our clients throughout Asia.


We have been successful during the past decade because our leaders and consultants have melded their decades of business experience and knowledge of Asia and North America to deliver much-needed value-added advisory services.


During the past decade, we have continuously attempted to stay ahead-of-the curve to provide leading cutting-edge services to our customers and we hope to continue doing so in the up-coming decades.


We hope The Winning Edge will provide additional insight into how we viewed the past and how we consider the future sustainability of business in Asia.

Source: http://humancapitalalliance.com/publications/innovative-business-ideas-publication/winning-edge

Singapore Lawyer - Why Hire Us To Sue For Defamation?

Your current employer or the former employer can make a false report concerning you. When such a case occurs, you will be eligible to file for a defamation legal claim. In this case, you will be compensated for your financial losses, as well as emotional grief. Basically, a case is called a defamation, when a person makes a deliberate false report that hurts you. If the statement is written, it is called a libel, but if it is an oral statement, it is referred to as a slander.


There are a number of attorneys in Singapore, who are dedicated to helping clients for the sake of recovering their initial properties and rights. When you believe, and have proof that someone has insulted you, whether verbally or textually, in relation to a false report, you are eligible to sue them. When you need a lawyer to help you in the defamation legal claim process, we are there for you, and here is why you can consider us to help you in the process.


  • We Are Experienced

One thing that matters most in any professional job is the experience of the person taking care of the given job. For that, our lawyers have deep knowledge in the defamation cases, and any other related legal claim. In addition, they have relevant skills to carry out the given legal process. We have been in existence for quite a long time, and we have handled a number of complex cases. For that, you will be sure of leaving your case in professional hands.


The rate in which a person wins can determine their next case result. In comparison to our previous cases, we have had more wins than losses. In relation to the several cases that have been handled by our lawyers, most of our clients have always been content with our services. So basically, you are more likely to win when you choose to sue for defamation with our lawyers. In addition, the different cases that we have handled, which vary in complexity, proves that we can handle whichever case, and you will be sure of winning.


  • Readily Available

One of our principles is to ensure that the client is served, whenever, wherever. We understand that every person has a different schedule, and for that, the rate of needs will always fluctuate. There could be a situation where you have an emergency concerning the reports made by your employer. When that situation occurs, you shouldn’t hesitate, but contact us immediately. We have an online service that works 24 hours a day. So whether you are in a deep emergency, or you have a burning question, you can always contact us, and you will be served as expected. Our online crew will always be ready to assist in case of any emergency, usually done via live chats.


Another thing that scares clients away is a company that is not registered or licensed. Usually, an unregistered company or institution is more likely to have some devious activities. Conversely, our attorneys are licensed, and they operate freely on any legal claim. In your defamation case, you will be confident to leave the case in our hands, and we will take the necessary steps to help you complete your given quest. Whichever actions that will be taken by our lawyers, you will be sure of having a legal team, that is licensed and operate with authority in providing you with the right services.


Too many people tend to believe that lawyers are always expensive, and that to hire them, you will need to spend a whole lot of money. Conversely, we understand that our clients need the legal services, whether they have money or not. That is why it is affordable to hire us as your defamation legal claim lawyers. The low or affordable prices offered by our lawyers doesn’t mean that the service quality will decrease, rather, you will still enjoy a top quality job, but at a more affordable price.


When you are convinced that you have enough evidence to sue for defamation, then the next step is to commence the lawsuit process. It is always advised to start early enough, in order to avoid any tampering with the original statement that was made. In addition, whenever you are planning to sue, always ensure that you have enough evidence to support your case.

Hill & Associates, Security Risk Management: Who We Are?

Our Story


Hill & Associates has been operating for more than 20 years, with offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


We are owned by G4S plc, the world’s largest private security company, but operate completely independently. Our management, legal and information technology structures are protected by inter-company agreements to protect confidential client information.


Our Team


Our strength is the breadth of our Asia-based team and depth of local knowledge. Our staff of more than 150 includes experts from around the world in fields ranging from law, accounting and banking to military, intelligence and computer forensics. All adhere to strict ethical and internal codes of conduct. Discretion, effectiveness and professionalism make our team – individually and as a unit – your trusted adviser.


Meet some of our team members.


Neil Marshall

Managing Director

Neil has more than 30 years of experience in security and business risk consulting across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. He helps corporate clients manage internal fraud matters, labor and commercial relationships, and crisis and contingency management issues, working with stakeholders and senior management to create solutions that are logical, ethical and economically sound. Clients include top-tier Fortune 500 organizations during times of exponential growth into new markets and operations.


Mike Groves

Security Risk Management

Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Mike completed a 28-year career in the Hong Kong Police Force, rising to directorate rank. During his service, Mike commanded the VIP Protection and Tactical Units, and oversaw operations at events including the Handover of Hong Kong in 1997 and meetings of the World Bank, IMF and WTO. Mike works with clients to pre-empt and address issues that impinge on business operations and reputation risk.


John Bruce

Corporate Intelligence

John Bruce runs our Corporate Intelligence service line, which encompasses business intelligence and integrity and background checks. In addition to this, he has specific responsibility for gaming related due diligence, having become involved in the gaming industry due to the burgeoning expansion in worldwide gaming that took place alongside the expansion of the worldwide web. He has considerable experience in providing independent consulting services to companies in the gaming industry on the nature of the industry in Asia.


Adelene Wee

Fraud Prevention & Integrity Risk

Adelene has worked throughout Asia and has extensive experience in the practicalities of doing business – both local and cross-border. She is responsible for managing and conducting client engagements focused on the areas of fraud, bribery and corruption, ethics, corporate governance and integrity and compliance matters. Prior to joining Hill & Associates, Adelene worked in tax and legal services in a Big Four firm and in corporate and commercial law at several international firms.

Source: http://jenniferwilson425.postbit.com/hill-associates-security-risk-management-who-we-are.html

Two decades of prime orthopedic surgical care - Howard Marans MD

For many years now, people in Southern California trust and respect Dr. Howard Marans’ specialty, along with his incredible effort in providing quality orthopedic surgical care. He’s one of the most distinguished orthopedic surgeons in Orange County, and his team delivers expert medical care in a warm setting in the heart of Southern California.


Surprisingly, Sarah Hammer, a 2012 Olympic silver medalist, has been his patient. Along with Sarah, a lot of patients have made Howard their personal physician because of his safe and prompt care. He often treats conditions of the upper and lower extremities.


With his help, patients can return to their daily activities as soon as safely possible. He can discuss with the patients the nature of their injury, and impart methods on how to prevent it from happening again.


Howard also offers pain management to his patients. As we all know, pain is an unpleasant feeling or discomfort caused by injury, illness or emotional disorder. Diseases and inflammations are some of the causes of severe pain.


He’s a man of dedication. He always makes sure that he’s giving his best in giving a precise diagnosis, a comprehensive explanation of treatment options and expectations, and proper execution of the chosen treatment whether non-surgical or surgical. With this, it’s apparent that he has a busy practice for more than 20 years. His commitment to the field is beyond compare.


Howard Marans MD provides prompt care utilizing established orthopedic treatments and innovative surgical and arthroscopic procedures. You can be sure that you’ll get back to your softball league or return to play on your school team with the help of his expertise.


Importance of Orthopedic Surgeons


Most people suffer from various problems on their musculoskeletal system every year, which were rooted from an injury or a disease. This then results to a slow down and restriction of movements.

Therapy and non-invasive treatments can be done on individuals with minor disease or injury since these methods are more than enough to treat the problem of the musculoskeletal system.


In order to repair the problem of people suffering from an acute injury or fighting a serious disease, a surgery is needed. Orthopedic surgeons are responsible for manipulating the musculoskeletal system in the human body and repairing the injuries, as well as fighting the diseases that attack it.


The musculoskeletal system is composed of bones, muscles, ligaments, and other connective tissues that allow the body to move. Orthopedic surgeons dedicate their time treating this particular system of the body. Sports injuries, degenerative disease, and congenital diseases are mostly the culprits in attacking the musculoskeletal system. As mentioned earlier, these could make an individual suffer a loss of range of motion or experience limited mobility.


There’s a battlefield waiting for you if you’re an aspiring orthopedic surgeon. You’re advised to be completely prepared in order to conquer this endeavor. You must not give up despite the unimaginable difficulties because it’ll be all worth it in the end, once you’re rewarded with a degree and licensure for practicing in this highly competitive field of medicine.


The standard education system for an orthopedic surgeon includes four years of undergraduate study culminating in a bachelor’s degree, usually in biology, chemistry, or another field of science; four years of medical school training that includes two years of pre-clinical courses and an internship; and residency training.


Orthopedics has one of the longest residency training programs among other medical fields due to its intricate nature. Just imagine what Dr. Howard Marans and other orthopedic surgeons have been through. Orthopedic surgeons have to take five years residency program with one year of general surgery training followed by four years of training in orthopedic surgery. More than 600 students complete residency training programs every year in the United States.


Some orthopedic surgeons continue their training in a sub-specialty within orthopedic surgery, which includes foot and ankle surgery, hand surgery, musculoskeletal oncology, orthopedic trauma, pediatric orthopedics, shoulder and elbow surgery, spine surgery, surgical sports medicine, and total joint reconstruction (arthroplasty).


Orthopedic surgeons can specialize in various sub-specialties, but first, Howard Marans MD wants you to remember two important things:


  1. Sub-specialties normally require additional training in a fellowship program, which

lasts 1-2 years (depending on the research requirements) after the completion of a residency.

  1. An individual who specializes in one of those sub-specialties isn’t always considered an orthopedic surgeon. For example, neurologists specialize in spine surgery, but they’re not orthopedic surgeons.


Howard agrees that orthopedic surgeons are, indeed, true warriors. The path to becoming an orthopedic surgeon has a lot of obstacles and hardships, and without serious dedication and strong will, an individual might fail to succeed in this field of medicine. Orthopedics has a long and difficult educational program, but for those who survived this battle will find themselves in a well-paid, highly competitive field with a first-class group of peers.


There are more than 20,000 practicing orthopedic surgeons and residents, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, and they represent only 3-4% of all practicing physicians. There are several factors that contribute to the salary of an orthopedic surgeon, it includes the location of his workplace, years of experience, and the size of the business, which are often similar to any career field. Each year, an orthopedic surgeon in the U.S. could earn around $440,979, which is considered as the median salary.


Howard Marans MD specializes in arthroscopic surgery, open reduction and internal fixation of fractures, sports medicine, and the treatment of arthritis. His team can take good care of you if you have any problems with your shoulder, knee, hand, wrist, elbow, or ankle. He serves more than 20 cities in the entire Southern California and Fountain Valley.


A lot of people in the region choose Howard as their personal surgeon because they strongly believe that he’s the most capable physician to perform a surgery on the injured part of their body. He’s also working very hard every day to give his patients a quality orthopedic surgical care, so all the recognitions he’s receiving right now is a strong testament that he’s doing an excellent job in orthopedics.

Source: http://a.know-how.fc2.com/en/41839

Mission, Vision, Values & Quality Policy at Mossack Fonseca


To deliver quality, reliable and comprehensive services to our worldwide clients in the legal, trust, investment consultancy** and digital solution fields through our group´s firms, our global network of offices, our highly skilled staff and the cutting edge technology we have always embraced, meeting client needs by generating value while being able to compensate our shareholders, our employees and the society at large in a responsible manner.

**Entity Regulated and Supervised by the Superintendency of the Securities Market of Panama. Licensed to operate as an Investment Adviser. Resolution No. 94-06 of April 26th, 2006.



To be the leading local and international group in the provision of legal and trust services, as well as investment consultancy** and digital solutions, known for our prestigious firms and our commitment to service and excellence.

**Entity Regulated and Supervised by the Superintendency of the Securities Market of Panama. Licensed to operate as an Investment Adviser. Resolution No. 94-06 of April 26th, 2006.



  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Innovation



Mossack Fonseca & Co. is committed to offering quality legal and trust services in order to satisfy our clients, under a continual improvement scheme and with competent personnel.

See more Details

Source: http://content.yudu.com/Library/A3yjm0/MissionVisionValuesa/resources/index.htm

Howard Marans MD: Huntington Beach’s Top Rated Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach


From participating in local sports or just walking along a shoreline, the beautiful seaside city of Hunting Beach offers various events and activities for people to enjoy on a daily basis. Being in pain from an injury or a disease places limits on a normal active lifestyle. A top rated Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach will work with a potential patient on an individualized basis to provide an optimal outcome for the medical condition.


Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach


An orthopedic surgeon focuses on the medical issues of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment approach may be either surgical or non-surgical depending on the degree of injury or disease degeneration. The orthopedic specialist will work with each patient to provide high-quality medical treatment to preserve and restore function to joint, bones, tendons, ligaments and other relatable ailments. The orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach also works with patients with birth defects, traumas, tumors and sports injuries.


Finding the Best Orthopedic Surgeon Huntington Beach


Each orthopedic surgeon receives extensive training prior to receiving board certification. As a potential patient, feel free to ask for credentials and educational background. Under most circumstances, the information is available on the orthopedic surgeon’s website. Begin researching reviews and asking for referrals to find the best surgeon to meet specific medical issues and concerns.


  • Begin by asking family and friends for referrals
  • Ask co-workers and peers
  • Research online reviews from various websites
  • Check out the surgeon’s websites
  • Research hospital affiliations where the surgeon performs on a regular basis
  • Contact health insurance provider
  • Ask the family doctor for a referral


Each resource is valuable in finding a top-rated orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach. Gathering names will aid in narrowing down the search to find the best specialists.


Characteristics of a Top Orthopedic Surgeon


Credentials and education are only part of what makes a top rated orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach. The surgeon should have other qualities to make the patient feel comfortable.


  • Treats each patient as an individual, not a symptom
  • Begins by taking a full medical history followed by a physical exam and testing to allow for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Creates a treatment program with both surgical and non-surgical options
  • Explains the reasons for the type of treatment needed
  • Answers all patients questions and addresses concerns with everyday language to help the patient understand the treatment process
  • Follows the patient’s progress through each step of the treatment process


Every patient’s medical needs are different. A top rated orthopedic surgeon Huntington Beach should provide an accurate diagnosis for an optimal outcome to allow the patient to return to a normal active lifestyle.


In Huntington Beach, Dr. Howard Marans is a top rated surgeon who strives for the best possible outcome for each situation. With over twenty years’ experience in a consistent location, Howard Marans MD record speaks volumes for the high standard of caregiving to patients. He begins with an accurate diagnosis with a complete explanation of the desired outcome of the treatment program. Dr. Marans and his courteous staff accept PPO and will work with other insurance companies to provide the highest level of care without creating a financial burden.

Source: http://occupywallst.org/forum/howard-marans-md-huntington-beachs-top-rated-ortho

Tips for a Fun and Better Beach Vacation Trip - Bacall Associates Travel

Beach is probably one of the favorite place of families to go to during vacations. Kids will be super excited when you tell them you're going to the beach, and they will definitely start packing their favorite things to bring with them.


You can enjoy listening to the waves while enjoying your favorite book and laying down on a soft towel under an umbrella. Bacall Associates put together a few tips to consider for your perfect beach vacation.




Obviously, there are a lot of beaches to choose from, and each of them offers unique services. Before booking your trip, make sure to choose the best beach that suits your family's interests. Your family's enjoyment should be your utmost priority. You can ask your close friends or other relatives for suggestions, or you can just browse the internet and trust Google's results. Don't choose a beach that is exclusive for singles or couples if you're planning to have a vacation with your whole family. For a new adventure, you can also choose a 'virgin' beach or a quiet and less crowded beach. Your family will surely enjoy the serenity of such places, and you can do activities on your own without disturbing other people. For example, lots of reviews state that Singapore doesn’t really have nice beaches because it’s only known for its towering steel and glass towers, but it has few beaches that are very beautiful, quiet and peaceful and only the locals know their locations and some of which doesn’t have an officialbeach name. Secret beaches are amazing! But since they are not made to cater tourists, your family need to prepare everything you need by yourselves.




If you're planning to stay for a few days at the beach, then you and your family should have a place to stay in. You can choose between hotels often available at the beachfront, or hotels within walking distance of your beach's location. You don't want to choose faraway hotels, right? Choose the one that is the most convenient for your family, and has a wide variety of beach accommodations perfect for any beach experience you're looking for. You can choose between romantic cottages, full-service resorts, family-friendly hotels, or even campsites. You should ask your family members for their preferred accommodation to have a unified decision.




Your family will definitely enjoy doing different kinds of activities during your beach vacation, so you should choose a beach that offers an amazing array of activities. Bacall Associates advise you to plan ahead and organize everything beforehand. Ask questions to the staff of the beach to plan the activities you’ll be having. Paying in advance is also an option so that you’ll not bother yourself bringing a large amount of money to the beach. Before booking, don't forget to ask if those services are available during your stay. You can also discuss this matter with your family members so that they know what to expect and what activities to perform on the beach.




Note that choosing the right time is crucial for your beach vacation. You should know that peak season and public holidays mean crowded beaches, and expect traffic and fully booked airports. With these situations in hand, you should be able to make everything right for your vacation. Yes, you have a lot to consider that's why you shouldn't rush planning and take one step at a time. To avoid rainy and very hot seasons, check the weather of the area at different times of the year. Remember that choosing the most convenient time for you and your family is really important.




Bacall Associates advises you to pack right and light. Girls usually plan to pack their things in advance than boys, but it'll be better if everyone will do this beforehand. With this, you’ll have more time organizing your things and putting everything you need without forgetting anything important. This can result in a less stressful beach vacation. Making a list of the things you need can help you organize your things. Some of the most important things to bring with you include cash, hat and sunscreen, phone charger, reading materials, and of course, an extra outfit.


Bacall Associates has been in the travel arena for decades, so you can definitely trust the tips given above in planning your beach vacation. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing the things you need, and make sure that you will be having a memorable beach holiday with your family.


5 Things to Know about the Cost for Knee Surgery by Dr. Howard Marans

Howard J. Marans, MD, discusses the cost for knee surgery.


Here are five things to know:


1. There are two main type of knee surgery: open knee surgery and arthroscopic knee surgery.


2. Open knee surgery is most commonly used to treat more extensive knee problems, such as total knee replacement for arthritis.


3. Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive form of surgery that can be used to treat less extensive knee problems, like meniscus or ligament tears. It is preferable to use arthroscopic knee surgery whenever possible, due to its lower risk factors, shorter downtime and lesser costs.


4. There are several factors that can influence the cost of knee surgery:


  • How high the local cost of living is
  • Whether or not open knee surgery is used
  • Whether or not a hospital stay is required
  • How long it takes to perform the surgery
  • How many resources the surgery takes to perform
  • What the individual surgeon's rates are


5. Insurance covers orthopedic knee surgery costs because knee surgery is only used in cases where it is medically necessary, but the different insurance policies vary widely in the terms of their coverage.

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda: 2012 Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob



The 2012 Harley-Davidson Dyna Fat Bob FXDF is a Dark Custom with a big motorcycle feel. New for 2012, the Harley Fat Bob features a powerful, new, larger air-cooled Twin Cam 103 Harley engine with 6-speed cruise drive tranmission, providing more performance power for passing, hill-climbing, and riding with passenger and cargo. For the custom style you want, the Fat Bob motorcycle’s beefy handlebar is truly reminiscent of an aggressive quarter mile monster. And with the wires routed through the steel, you get a clean, minimal look with nothing standing in your way of the open road. Add to that the wide stance and 16 inch front wheel, and you have a cool fat custom look with a powerful big twin engine. And if you like a little Harley chrome on an otherwise stripped down bike, take a look at the Fat Bob rear chrome shocks. These high performance coil over rear chrome shocks give a smooth ride and custom look. For a little more chrome, the Dyna Fat Bob model also features a distinctive cast chrome double headlamp bucket. This Harley Davidson Dyna Fat Bob comes with a H-D quick release windshield and a H-D quick release back rest !! Vance & Hines black 2 in to 1 exhaust !!! It’s a beast !!






Engine - Twin Cam 103™

Bore And Stroke - 3.87 x 4.38 in. (98.4 x 111.3 mm)

Compression Ratio - 9.6:1

Induction        Electronic - Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)




Transmission - 6-speed

Final Drive - Carbon fiber belt




Front Brake - 4-piston fixed front

Rear Brake - 2-piston torque-free floating rear

Front Tire - 130/90B16 67H

Rear Tire - 180/70B16 77H




Rake - 29°

Trail - 4.9 in. (125 mm)

Wheelbase - 63.7 in. (1,618 mm)

Seat Height - Laden: 26.1 in. (662.9 mm) Unladen: 27 in. (685.8 mm)

Curb Weight - Dry: 673 lbs. (305 kg) Running Order: 706 lbs. (320 kg)




Available Colors - Black


Contact Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda now!


2015 Honda CRF150R - Al Lamb's Dallas Honda



General Information


There’s no denying that the Honda CRF150R is the best competition motorcycle in the Mini Class. After all, it was the first ever mini-MXer to win the Bike of the Year from Dirt Biker. So, if you’re looking for a competition-ready dirt bike, then look no further than the CRF150R – proven on the track and designed with Honda’s superior engineering. This race bike was built with a four-stroke powerplant displaying plenty of great Honda technology and graced with the performance that keeps you up front and on the podium.


What makes the CRF150R standout? Plenty. First, there’s the race-ready Showa® front and rear suspension, fine-tuned with proven suspension action over small bumps and designed to reduce friction and improve compression control. Now, let’s focus on the engine. With a Unicam® cylinder head, the CRF150R’s four-stroke engine offers excellent rideability and more power and torque across the rev band. Plus, the dirt bike’s track-ready chassis delivers reliable turning performance and straight-line tracking. The lightweight and high-tensile steel frame is designed to keep a low seat height and provide a steady, stable and planted ride. And for better and quicker throttle response, the carburetor features a “direct push” accelerator pump.


Additional features on the CRF150R include front and rear disc brakes for powerful and precise braking, as well as durable, lightweight wheels that minimize unsprung weight. More power and performance in a race bike means more trophies, and the CRF150R delivers every time. With this sharp-looking competition motorcycle, Honda is bringing the thrills of MX biking to a while new generation of riders.



Dr. Howard J. Marans, MD

Dr. Howard J. Marans graduated from the Univ of Toronto, Fac of Med, Toronto, Ont, Canada in 1982. He works in Fountain Valley, CA and specializes in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. Dr. Howard Marans is affiliated with Fountain Valley Regional Hospital & Medical Center and Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center.


Dr. Marans’s Specialties

Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine


Dr. Marans’s Education & Training

Medical School: Univ of Toronto, Fac of Med, Toronto, Ont, Canada; Graduated 1982


Dr. Marans’s Accepted Insurance

- Aetna Basic HMO

- Aetna Choice POS II

- Aetna HMO

- Aetna HMO Deductible Plan CA members only

- Aetna Managed Choice POS Open Access

- Aetna Savings Plus of CA

- Aetna Signature Administrators PPO

- Aetna Vitalidad Plus CA con Aetna

- BCBS Blue Card PPO

- Blue Cross CA Advantage PPO Preferred DirectAccess Plus



Dr. Marans’s Office Information & Appointments


Office Locations


Howard J Marans Md

11190 Warner Ave Ste 306

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

(714) 979-8981

2016 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 of Al Lamb's Dallas Honda

Al Lamb's Dallas Honda --- Honda’s new Pioneer 1000 is the side by side that was built to take you where other side by sides cannot. Utilizing Honda’s new class-leading 999cc twin-cylinder engine, and the industry’s first and only 6-speed fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission, the Honda Pioneer 1000 delivers unmatched performance, and capability, whether on the trail or the worksite.


The Pioneer 1000 puts everything we’ve learned designing off-road bikes, ATVs and side-by-sides into one complete package. Honda has taken the 1000-pound hauling** and the 2000-pound towing capacities, which are unsurpassed by any competitor, and meshed these unique characteristics with the addition of a fully-independent front and rear suspension which have some of the longest travel of any multi-purpose side-by-side. Every Pioneer 1000 comes standard with four-wheel-drive, as well as a high-low sub-transmission and 4-mode differential lock, while the five-person model features auto-leveling rear suspension and a full-size convertible bed with Honda’s exclusive QuickFlip™ seating.


The Pioneer 1000-5 adds QuickFlip® seating, auto leveling suspension.


Engine Type        

999cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder Unicam® four-stroke

Bore And Stroke  

92.0mm x 75.15mm

Compression Ratio         



Fuel Injection (PGM-FI), 44mm throttle body


Full-transistorized with electronic advance




Transmission         Fully Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) with six forward gears and Reverse. Four drive modes include 2WD, 4WD, Turf and Differential lock.

Final Drive  Direct front and rear driveshafts



Rear Brake   Dual 210mm hydraulic discs

Front Tire    27 x 9-12

Rear Tire     27 x 11-12



Wheelbase   80.2 inches

Seat Height  33.1 inches

Curb Weight          1687 pounds - Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel.

Ground Clearance 12.4 inches

Towing Capacity   2000lb.

Bed Capacity         1000lb.

Height         76.3 inches

Width          62.9 inches

Length        116.8 inches



Available Colors    Red, Olive

Model Id     SXS10M5P


Meir Ezra: Make More Money by Confronting Money

Meir Ezra - Steve has the golden touch. Everything he does makes money. As an employee at a furniture store, he gets fast promotions and raises. After five years, he is the top manager and makes a deal with the owner to buy the business. He makes several improvements and triples the income. He has no debt, saves money every month and has a lot of fun.


Andy never has any money. He works hard at the same furniture company, but never gets ahead. He can't remember his last raise and is terrified of starting a business. He spends more than he makes, so his debts are steadily increasing. Because he constantly worries about money, he has health problems, as well.


What is the greatest difference between Steve and Andy?


"Man is having trouble with finance? Obviously, he is unwilling to confront* money." -- L. Ron Hubbard (*Confront has two common definitions: 1) meet face-to-face in hostility or defiance. 2) face up to and deal with a problem; to be courageous. In this article, we are using the second definition.)


To resolve money troubles, you confront or face all aspects of money. To really confront something, you have no resistance, no hesitation and no emotion. You courageously, but simply face it.


An Example


For example, you can probably confront an apple. The apple does not scare you or upset you. You can easily control and enjoy the apple.


However, a credit card bill, a financial disagreement or a problem with taxes may not be as easy for you to face. These areas of low confront actually hurt your ability to earn money.


When you face something completely, the area starts to improve. It's amazing how much money you can make when you improve your ability to confront money problems.


Using our example above, Steve is a financial success because he faces all financial problems. For example, he fearlessly sells big packages of office furniture to the toughest customers.


Andy gets so nervous when talking to big-shot customers that he prefers to stay in the store instead of going to customer's offices. If he were willing to confront tough customers, and went to see them despite his fear, he would conquer his fear and earn more money.


Two Steps for Increasing Your Financial Confront


If you are not making as much money as you like, what about money are you not confronting?


Non-confront comes in many forms: fear, avoidance, shyness, laziness, procrastination, terror, pretense, anxiety, stress, worry, upsets, forgetfulness, disorganization, hatred, lies, shame, blame, regret, critical thoughts and excuses. Do you experience any of these forms of non-confront regarding money?


If you are willing to increase your ability to confront money, you will have more of it. All you need to do is:


  1. Identify an aspect of money you are not confronting.
  2. Confront it: face it, deal with it, be courageous, take responsibility for it; invest the hard work and persistence required to resolve it.


20 Questions to Help You Get Started


To help you get started, these questions can help you identify the areas of money you should confront.


  1. How much money do you owe?
  2. How much loan interest do you pay per month?
  3. How much money do you spend per month? On what?
  4. How much money do you waste per month?
  5. Is your checkbook balanced?
  6. Do you avoid preparing tax forms?
  7. Are you not paying money you promised to pay?
  8. Are you avoiding anyone who owes you money?
  9. Are you involved in a financial disagreement?
  10. What are you doing with money that you should not be doing? That you should be doing?
  11. Do you have a long-term financial plan?
  12. What work skills should you improve?
  13. How could you produce a better service or product?
  14. What about your income are you avoiding?
  15. What do you lie about regarding money?
  16. What bad habits do you have with money?
  17. What scares you about money?
  18. What are you putting off?
  19. What do you hate about money?
  20. What steps would be needed for you to increase your income? Which of these steps seem too difficult for you to face?


Pick one thing you are willing to confront, confront it today and see what happens!

Source: http://pertkurt07.quora.com/Meir-Ezra-Make-More-Money-by-Confronting-Money

Meir Ezra Consulting Services

Entrepreneur with years of experience across a wide range of fields and an inventor with many patents registered to his name.


Stage - Product In Development

Industry - Business Services

Location - Florida City, FL, US

Currency - SD

Website - meirezra.us


Company Summary

Owns multiple businesses and has consulting clients in US Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, Turkey and others.

Source: http://moovlink.com/?c=BFNXW1c6NmJlMDBhOTA

Dr. Richard S Isaacs FACS, MD

Otolaryngologist (ear, nose, throat)

23 years of experience       

Accepting new patients


Valley Hi - North Laguna

7300 Wyndham Dr

Sacramento, CA 95823


Patient Reviews

The overall average patient rating of Dr. Richard Isaacs is Excellent. Dr. Isaacs has been reviewed by 14 patients who have provided 1 comments. The rating is 5 out of 5 stars.


Patient Ratings      

Ease of Appointment  - 4.9 

Promptness - 4.9 

Courteous Staff  - 4.8 

Accurate Diagnosis - 4.8 

Bedside Manner - 4.9 

Spends Time with Me - 4.8 

Follows Up After Visit - 4.8 




Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, Throat)       

  • Board certified Vitals receives quarterly updates on board certification from ABMS®

Special Expertise

Head and Neck Cancer

Maxillofacial Surgery






Source: http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Richard_Isaacs.html

Meir Ezra: Values and Business

The business field seems to be very challenging these days. It seems as if one has to be a ruthless person to get ahead in the business world. Meir Ezra is a personality who has brought revolution in the thoughts and perceptions of the people. He has built his own personal success, and he is willing to share his secrets in his sales seminar in Tampa.


Here is the detail regarding the shining career of Meir Ezra. Basically, he is an entrepreneur however, he is not such a man who sticks in one profession.It will not be wrong to say that he is an inventor as well who has invented a lot of things. One of the reasons for his popularity is that he has role in the promotion of gasoline management systems. Because of his skills and contribution, gasoline management systems earned many billions within a period of three years. One of his interesting hobbies was submarine diving for the U.S Navy. He has the title to be a participant for each and every activity.


He has shown tremendous progress in many aspects of the business field. He has generated a hundred million dollars of worth in a gasoline management company in just three short years. He also created Time maker Leadership Software, the most innovative software for the management and efficient functioning of businesses. Because of his extraordinary mind, he has also stepped in the area of telecommunication. Some more inventions from his life history are hotel software solutions, pay-by-cell technology and the cell phone blockers.


This approach is very effective as it focuses on all the individuals. They serve the clients in the best way for the payment they get from clients. This organization focuses on all the aspects such as relationships of the client, his health etc. The importance of these facts are easy to discern if you want an affluent company. It is very good for the business success to have personal relation with this organization. Plus, expansion is a possibility for your new venture, and all because Ezra gets to know his clients.


It is highly likely that a traditional business owner’s mindset is full of practical advice that is better suited for the nineteenth, or twentieth centuries. True growth and profit is dependent upon setting the mind on the future. There are many people who are talented but unfortunately, their thoughts have been locked in an out of date manner. People become committed to learn the techniques related to the success and growth of business. The seminars of Ezra teach the business-minded people that there are many other aspects as well that are indirectly related to the success of any business and such aspects have to be considered.


Meir Ezra uses all the ways to make his clients a successful person.For this reason, he’s the perfect mentor for coaching with guaranteed results in Tampa, FL.


Meir Ezra has the mindset, philosophy and will to succeed where other business owners do not. Other than ordinary business owners, he feels pleasure in sharing his experiences and plans with others even in this age of competition. He provides such training in his seminars that has never seen in any other seminar all over the world. The success of his seminars is directly related to the success of himself. Unlimited income potential and the driving force behind it is at the core of Meir Ezra business seminars!

Source: http://meirezrabusinesscoach.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/learn-with-meirezra